Evaluating an exciting new initiative to instigate public agency

Twaweza in Tanzania is piloting a project built around the concept of public agency. By public agency we mean spaces and processes in which citizens and authorities jointly shape decisions for the future of their communities and countries. For the pilot, we have chosen to focus on the issue of teacher absenteeism. It is an issue which is likely to unite national level authorities and parents – they will share the perspective that ultimately teachers should be in school, and teaching. The pilot will take place in two districts this year (2016). The objective of this consultancy is to propose a mixed-method (qualitative and quantitative) research and learning design that will allow Twaweza to understand the implementation of the pilot, as well as to learn important insights into whether the pilot is yielding initial results at the community level. The focus of this research is not on monitoring/tracking of activities, but on generating insight from key stakeholders and audiences on engagement with the initiative, and the short-term effects of the initiative. The research is to be focused on the community-level within the selected districts.

Interested parties please see the full Terms of Reference attached. Please respond to addresses noted within the TOR, and by Friday 24 June

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