Request for Proposals | Scoping study on Freedom of Information law in Uganda

Twaweza is seeking a consultant to conduct a scoping study to identify and document blockages to effective use of existing Freedom of Information Law in Uganda, identify demand for data and information and the "state of" intermediaries and how to work with them.

The objective of this assignment is to produce a study which will inform Twaweza East Africa’s discussion and programming regarding improving citizens’ access to information especially in countries like Uganda where there is an existing law. Twaweza is seeking the services of a consultant, for a period of approximately 20 working days to undertake this study to specifically help understand better the policy, legal and social obstacles to effective use of this existing law.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

  • To establish general knowledge levels about the right to access to information by Ugandans and reasons for the status quo
  • To establish the status of information requests by both individuals and organizations
  • To shed more light on the level or responsiveness or lack of it by the government agencies in possession of public information
  • To establish why agencies in possession of public information behave the way they do
  • To establish the key actors, stakeholders and intermediaries who are at the forefront of demanding for public information and their key strengths and weaknesses
  • Propose remedies for improving on the status quo

Twaweza is currently inviting brief (5-10 pages) technical and financial proposals from interested firms and individual consultants in response to this RFP. Submissions are strictly through e-mail to the addresses listed in the attached TOR by 4pm on 17th July 2015.

For more details, see the full Terms of Reference


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