Request For Proposals: The Si Mimi puppetry show feedback and quality assessment in Uganda

Twaweza, works on enabling children to learn, citizens to exercise agency and governments to be more open and responsive in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. At Twaweza, we undertake effective public and policy engagement, through powerful media partnerships and global leadership of initiatives such as the Open Government Partnership. Partly, our approach is working with various channels through which citizens can access information so as to play their part in the development process but also to enable them to hold governments to account.

In 2014, Twaweza partnered with Reefknot Communications Limited to produce and air a puppetry show, whose purpose was aimed at openness across government and portray leaders as ordinary people who can be held accountable. Twenty Six (26) shows have been produced and aired on each of Bukedde TV and Urban TV, in Luganda and English respectively. In addition, recordings of the show have been regularly posted on social media (Facebook and YouTube) to elicit public debate.

A recent Twaweza survey, conducted through Ipsos, an independent monitoring firm, showed that though the show had aired for just a year, it had gathered considerable coverage rates across a nationally representative sample. Also, a sizeable proportion of respondents liked the idea of joking about leaders and that the show covers topics that others are unable to cover given the tight grip on Uganda’s media by the government. 

This RFP is for an in-depth assessment of the quality and relevance of the show from the point of view of the target audience, and potential effects in promoting accountability (i.e., whether it promotes debate/discussion on roles and responsibilities of the government).

This will be a short term assignment spread across one month.

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