List of employees

Twaweza Head Office and Tanzania Office

  • Aidan Eyakuze (Executive Director)
  • Charlotte Kabunga (Contracts Administrator & Assistant to ED)
  • Kees de Graaf (Director Programs and Operations)
  • Glory Emmanuel (Assistant Program Officer, Planning, Reporting and Donor Relations)
  • Melania Omengo (Manager, Sauti za Wananchi)
  • Nellin Njovu (Program Officer, Sauti za Wananchi)
  • Varja Lipovsek (Director, Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Miriam Mwaibula (Program Assistant, Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Risha Chande (Senior Advisor, Communications)
  • Annastazia Rugaba (Advocacy Manager) 
  • Tunu Yongolo (Program Officer Communications - Writing)
  • Sarah Masenga (Program Assistant, Communications)
  • Glory Saria (Manager, Operations)
  • Karim Manji (Regional Information Technology Officer)
  • Janice Kalemera (Administrative Officer)
  • Pushpa Vishani (Human Resources Associate)
  • Patricia Nabaku (Receptionist)
  • Theo Mshabaha (Administrative Assistant)
  • Richard Modest (Manager, Finance)
  • Esther Prosper (Senior Accountant)
  • Emanuel Benjamin (Assistant Country Accountant)
  • Nancy Leshabari (Accountant)
  • Zaida Mgalla (Manager, Uwezo)
  • Richard Temu (Senior Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Happiness Nkwera (Program Assistant, Uwezo)

Kenya Office

  • John Mugo (Director, Data and Voice)
  • James Ciera (Senior Data Analyst)
  • Rosemary Kang’ethe (Program Assistant to Director, Data and Voice)
  • Amos Kaburu (Senior Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Rosaline Muraya (Senior Program Officer, What Works in Education)
  • Emmanuel Manyasa (Manager, Uwezo)
  • Boaz Miregwa Ochi (Assistant Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Lydia Nakhone (Assistant Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Francis Njuguna Nyoro (Program Assistant, Uwezo)
  • Izel Jepchirchir Kipruto (Communications Officer, Uwezo)
  • Samuel Otieno (Feedback and Monitoring Coordinator)
  • Brezhnev Otieno (Advocacy Manager)
  • Victor Rateng, (Senor Program Officer)
  • Evelyn Siaga (Administrative Assistant)

Uganda Office

  • Mary Goretti Nakabugo (Twaweza Lead and Manager, Uwezo)
  • Faridah Nassereka (Senior Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Ismail Sentamu (Assistant Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • David Mugurusi (Program Officer, Uwezo)
  • Judith Nakayima (Program Assistant, Uwezo)
  • Judith Nyakaisiki Tumusiime (Assistant Communications Officer, Uwezo)
  • Martha Chemutai (Communications Officer)
  • Violet Alinda (Advocacy Manager)
  • Julius Atuhurra (Senior Program Officer, What Works in Education)
  • Bob Wandera (Country Accountant)
  • Wahab Muhumuza (Administrative Officer)
  • Winnie Nanteza (Administrative Assistant)

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