Positive deviance consultancy for Twaweza Uganda

Twaweza in Uganda is looking for a consultant to undertake a ‘Positive Deviance’ inquiry to unearth community, school and teacher strategies associated with improved primary school children’s learning outcomes in Uganda.

Recently, Twaweza established a new unit called What Works in Education. This unit is tasked to conduct cutting edge research on children’s learning with a view to synthesizing evidence-based and contextually sound ideas on how to promote learning outcomes. As part of the efforts to generate evidence-based solutions to learning problems, we are adopting a strategy called Positive Deviance (PD). Twaweza has chosen PD as a strategy to unearth ideas at community, school and teacher levels, with the aim of experimenting and bringing to scale what really works to improve children’s learning outcomes in East Africa. This strategy is premised on the belief that in every community there are individuals and/or groups that have devised strategies and practices that are enabling them to find better solutions to socially intractable problems than their peers, while having access to the same level of resources.

Interested parties please see the full Terms of Reference attached. Please respond to the addresses noted within the TOR.

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