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Twaweza is immersing itself in Northern Tanzania - our offices are closed

Every year Twaweza closes its offices for one week and the whole organization, from the Executive Director to Program Assistants, travels to different villages in one of the countries in which we work.

Pregnancy and girls’ right to education: are we there yet?

There is a strong association between a mother’s level of education and her child’s learning levels.

KiuFunza Teachers’ Awards | Motivating teachers to do better

Twaweza is hosting an award ceremony and policy discussion in Dodoma.

A deep dive into Twaweza

A Twaweza Open Day for our Board and partners to discuss our domains and learn more about the issues we work on.

Bits and Bytes: develop, connect, inspire

Twaweza is supporting a hacktahon to design and develop a digital version of the ubiquitous suggestion boxes we see across the country.

Twaweza’s analysis on The Access to Information Act

There is no single killer clause. However, in combination, they represent a series of obstacles that make things difficult for those requesting information, and indeed for those in government who are minded to release information.

Turning numbers into stories | an award for data journalism

Twaweza has partnered with the Media Council of Tanzania to insert a data journalism award category into the prestigious Excellence in Journalism in Tanzania awards.
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