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Money Matters: Citizens and financial inclusion in Tanzania

Citizens' views on the use of mobile money and other financial services in general, in relation to the government's target of achieving financial inclusion for 2016 and 2017.

Citizens' views on media freedoms

As the new Media Services Act is signed into law, Twaweza collated citizens' views on democracy, media and free expression in Tanzania.

Reality Check: Citizens’ views on education in a fee free era

Views of citizens about the state of education in Tanzania over the last one year; given that the current government has focused on improving the quality of education by providing desks, fee-free education and capitation grants that are sent directly to schools.

The roots of radicalization: Citizens’ views on the causes and solutions for insecurity in Kenya

A report that shows what Kenyan citizens think about radical groups; their suggestions on how to manage radicalism and if they think the Kenya Defense Forces should return home.

The status of our healthcare sector: A citizen diagnosis

According to recent survey, almost all Kenyans think the health sector has problems. Half (47%) say it has major problems and the other half (45%) say the problems are minor.

Are we safe? Citizens’ views on safety and security in Kenya

Research shows that as elections draw near, 7 out of 10 citizens fear there might be violence during the 2017 General Elections; while 3 out of 10 are not worried about the possibility of violence.

Democracy, dictatorship and demonstrations: What do citizens really think?

Citizens’ support for democracy and free expression is strong. Almost all citizens (95%) think that they should be free to criticize the government when they believe it has done something wrong. Seven out of ten citizens (69%) agree that democracy is their preferred form of government.
58 Articles
Sort by: views | date

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