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Kenya’s Education Sector: How Basic?

Despite knowing all the challenges facing education, about half of Kenyans (47%) believe that the quality of public education have improved since it was made free.

Half empty or half full? Water, sanitation and hygiene in Kenya

Access to water is improving in rural areas but declining in urban locations. At the same time, one in four rural Kenyans spend an hour or more collecting water.

Clean and Safe? Water, sanitation and hygiene in Tanzania

There have not been large changes in the level of access to water, particularly in rural areas, over the past ten years.

Going without? Household economics in Kenya

Kenya citizens estimate their daily needs at KES 99 per person yet 8 out of 10 citizens (81%) feel their income is insufficient to meet their household’s needs. Faced with these cash constraints, half (49%) of those affected tighten their expenditure to survive.

Hunger Pangs: Food (in)security in Tanzania

In February, at least half of Tanzania’s households report that they worried about running out of food (69%); there was not enough food to feed all household members (51%), or a household member skipped a meal because they could not get food (50%).

Money Matters: Citizens and financial inclusion in Kenya

A report that shows what Kenyan citizens think about the use of various financial service; banking, insurance, credit and mobile money.

Money Matters: Citizens and financial inclusion in Tanzania

Citizens' views on the use of mobile money and other financial services in general, in relation to the government's target of achieving financial inclusion for 2016 and 2017.
64 Articles
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