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Twaweza in the news: Infusing media with data

Twaweza is infusing media content with data.Articles and broadcast clips that reference Twaweza are more likely to contain data than others on the same topics.

Call for Proposals | Mixed-method research consultancy in governance in Tanzania

Twaweza is seeking to support independent research around Kigoma’s approach to improving governance, including but not limited to the OGP pilot. This Request for Proposals is for the independent research centered on the hypotheses and possible short- to medium-term outcomes.

RISE Tanzania: How can we turn schools into learning communities?

RISE is a new, multi-year program to build an understanding of the design and implementation of successful education reforms through rigorous, primary research spanning multiple developing countries.

Opening up government procurement in Uganda

When procurement processes are conducted in secret corruption can thrive but openness means there is more chance that wrong-doing will be caught quickly and that people will be too afraid to try to cheat.

Are we ready for August 8? Citizens’ views on politics and the elections

Citizens are evenly split on whether the upcoming elections will trigger violence: half (46%) say they will, while half (47%) say they will not.

Safety First? Security, policing and justice in Tanzania

One out of two citizens (53%) say the security situation in their neighbourhood has improved over the past year, 37% say it has stayed the same while 10% think it has gotten worse.

Enriching public and policy discourse in Kenya, one poll at a time

Sauti za Wananchi in Kenya helps government understand citizen views and public perception of service delivery.
68 Articles
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