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Development is miserable, but people are making things happen

Twaweza Head Rakesh Rajani was invited to speak at the 2010 TEDx event in Dar es Salaam. His talk was entitled, 'Development is miserable, but people are making things happen.' After presenting observations from Tanzania on water, health and eduation he asked:

'What can we conclude? We have hollow shells, hardware over software, dysfunctional governance, veneers & pretences of progress, high costs and serious inequitie., Little care, little health, little learning. Little faith in �officialdom.�

And yet, people are driving change with a little imagination.

Uwezo: Shifting the focus from enrolment to learning

In 2010 Uwezo East Africa Regional Manager Sara Ruto gave a presentation at the World Bank in Washington, DC on the Uwezo initiative. She spoke of the tests school-aged children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda were given to assess their capabilities in numeracy and literacy. She also spoke of Uwezo's communication strategy and how the organization's work had led to greater public understanding and debate about learning.

Is Policy Practiced? Stories from 9 Villages

On our 2009 Immersion in Tanzania's Lake District, Twaweza staff had these questions in mind: Do public funds reach people? Do services work for the poor? Does governance solve problems? How do people su(th)rvive? View the presentation 'Is Policy Practiced?' for stories of Twaweza's first Immersion experience that continues to challenge and inform our thinking.

Hivos-Tanzania Twaweza 2010 Audited Financial Statement

Hivos-Tanzania Twaweza Initiative 2010 Audited Financial Statement.

Twaweza: Fostering an ecosystem of change through citizen agency and public accountability

'Fostering an ecosystem of change through citizen agency and public accountability' is the Twaweza Strategy in a nutshell. The presentation speaks of our goals and ambitions for the organization. At the centre of our work is the idea that it is citizens themselves who drive change.

Getting education right in Tanzania

This presentation, entitled 'More fumbling at the margins or a strategic break?' was given to the Tanzania Education Donor Group in late 2008. Twaweza Head Rakesh Rajani examined the official story vs. the lived reality of the state of education in the country.

The great degree goose chase... to nowhere

If Martians were flying over Tanzania, what would they see? In the education sector they'd see lots of new classrooms packed with lots of students who cannot read or write. This presentation critically examines the state of the country's education system in 2008.
256 Articles
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