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Broadcasting, policing, human rights and “sedition” in Tanzania

The Act states in article 57 that “a person shall not be prosecuted for any seditious offence under this Act unless with a written consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

On “sedition”, the law is clear. So what is the TCRA doing?

This begs this first fundamental question: How can the TCRA legitimately penalise five TV stations for “seditious” broadcasts when “sedition” is not mentioned in the relevant enabling law?

Are we safer? Kenyans’ views on security, policing and extremism

Kenyans are slightly more optimistic about the security situation compared to last year. Four out of ten (42%) say the security situation in their area has improved over the past three months, compared to 38% who said the same in 2016.

Partially Protected: The state of civic space in Kenya

In August 2010, Kenya adopted a new constitution that was hailed globally as progressive due to the rights and freedoms that it guaranteed Kenyans. However, it does not automatically follow that such guarantees will be respected in practice.

KiuFunzaII: teacher performance pay improves early-grade learning outcomes

After a two year trial, Twaweza, in collaboration with COSTECH and Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), has shown that cash on delivery (or performance pay) for teachers can significantly improve learning outcomes.

Uganda: We the People | Ugandans’ views on governance

This brief presents data on Ugandan citizens’ lives, experiences, and opinions on governance and related matters. Where do citizens get information from, and how do they use new technology to communicate? What are the most pressing problem they perceive facing the country, and their households? And what are their experiences of corruption?

Uganda: We the People | Ugandans’ experiences of public service delivery

This brief presents data on Ugandan citizens’ experiences of key public services, specifically education, health, and water and sanitation. Do their children go to school, and if so, what challenges do they encounter? What measures do citizens take when someone in their household falls ill, or to prevent this from happening? Where do they get their drinking water from, and what type of toilet do they use?
104 Articles
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