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Twaweza needs a new website

Twaweza means “we can make it happen” in Swahili. We are an ambitious initiative that started in 2009, working on enabling citizens to exercise agency, promoting governments to be more open and responsive, and improving basic learning for children in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We are now beginning the second phase of our ten-year initiative, on the foundation of the rich lessons and experience from the initial years.

At its core, Twaweza continues to embody the democratic ideal, implicit in its name, that lasting change is driven by the actions of motivated citizens. Our core theory of change is grounded in two domains (basic education and open government), and in addition to greater citizen agency, we also strive for enhanced responsiveness from authorities, creating opportunities for meaningful citizen-state interaction. We believe that this will change the narrative from one in which citizens and governments have a low level of trust in each other, to one in which authorities and citizens collaborate in finding solutions to public sector problems. We also focus on improving basic learning outcomes, because we are convinced that securing basic literacy and numeracy skills among children will significantly contribute to the collaborative reality we envision.

We are looking for a partner to design and build a new website. Detailed terms of reference are attached. The successful candidate will be asked to focus on ease of navigation, a multimedia site taking into account bandwidth constraints in East Africa, a focus on interactivity and sharing, data visualisation, and to build a site in two languages.

To apply, send 3 samples of past website work, samples of past data visualization work, company credentials and a proposal along with a timeline and detailed budget to by 27 July 2016.

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