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Twaweza operates in East Africa and is housed by Hivos, a 40 plus year old development organization based in the Netherlands and registered to operate in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Hivos Twaweza has offices in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Kampala.

Comment on the Tanzania Open Government Plan

Tanzania has prepared a draft Country Plan which has been submitted to the OGP Secretariat. Consistent with the principles of open government, Tanzania invites the public and interested parties to submit concrete ideas and inputs to strengthening the Plan. The comments received will be placed online by February 2012 for the public to know. Thank you for your inputs. We will use them to help strengthen the Tanzania Open Government Plan. Open here to see the format of submitting your comments.

Tanzania: who will change your world in 2012?

Tanzania, who will change your world in 2012?

Uganda: Who will change your world in 2012?

Uganda, who will change your world in 2012?

Kenya: Who will change your world in 2012?

Kenya, who will change your world in 2012?

Twaweza calendar 2012

Will you wait all year for someone else? Or will you take action yourself? Twaweza's new calendar for 2012 encourages citizens in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to make change happen. You can download the calendar for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Wananchi Mobile Phone Survey: Request for Proposals

Mobile phone technology offers an exciting potential to collect data at reduced cost, and in a way that is more frequent and more responsive to the changing data needs for monitoring service delivery and accountability. Based on this idea, Uwazi at Twaweza seeks to implement the Wananchi Survey: a high frequency household survey using mobile phones in a nationally representative sample covering 1500 households in Tanzania. The data collected in this way will inform public debate about a wide range of public policies in Tanzania.

Therefore, Twaweza is looking for competent and reputable organizations who can implement the two activities that this work entails: a) establishing, enlisting, training and surveying a sample of 1500 households that will participate in the mobile phone survey and b) developing and operating a call center for the monthly mobile phone surveys. The project will be implemented for an initial period of one year, and if successful, it will be repeated every year for an indefinite period of time. In subsequent years the frequency of the survey may be increased from monthly to twice monthly. The Wananchi Survey is also expected to be expanded into Kenya and Uganda.
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