Twaweza Research and Evaluation Advisory Group 2017-18

One of the core components of Twaweza, along with the data and implementing units, is our organizational commitment to research, evaluation, and learning. This is manifested throughout the organization and implemented by various units, and consists of evaluating our own initiatives as well as engaging in and supporting innovative research relevant to the East African context and able to contribute to global knowledge. The Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation unit is tasked with overall guidance and oversight of this portfolio. 

We invite a selected group of researchers to join us in shaping Twaweza’s rich mix of design, implementation, evaluation and research by becoming members of the Research and Evaluation Advisory Group. Twaweza will benefit from their deep knowledge and research experience, and they will benefit by engaging with other governance thinkers and experts in this group, possibly finding opportunities to explore their own hypotheses, and jointly guiding the path of a unique practitioner-research hybrid organization.   

The Research & Evaluation Advisory Group will engage in the following activities:

  1. Provide substantive input, suggestions, and feedback on Twaweza’s current and prospective evaluation and research questions, hypotheses and methods
  2. Review research findings arising from the above and suggest future directions, linking with ongoing research and research gaps in the education, governance, and transparency and accountability fields in East Africa and globally
  3. Support Twaweza’s research dissemination efforts by identifying specific opportunities to link findings with national, regional and international opportunities for engagement and contributions to the various fields
  4. Identify potential partnership and collaboration opportunities for Twaweza with other research initiatives and researchers
  5. Advise on Evaluation and Research for Twaweza’s next strategic phase

The Twaweza Research & Evaluation Advisory Group 2017-18 members short biographies can be found here. Term and reference for the Twaweza Research & Evaluation Advisory Group can be read here.

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