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Bits and Bytes 2017 is here and once again Twaweza is supporting a hackathon there. The event itself has a whole host of exciting components:

The main seminar and exhibition event includes panels on harnessing innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals, reinventing teaching through technology and practical examples of bringing local government on board for technology driven projects. There will also be a virtual reality exhibition.

Prior to this there are two days where young volunteers come together to participate in one out of three different events. One is an urban planning challenge in collaboration with the City Council of Dar es Salaam supported by the East African Institute of the Aga Khan University. Young engineers, architects and officials will come together to try to address some major urban planning challenges in Dar es Salaam. There will also be a pitch competition whereby young entrepereneurs with great ideas will be supported to refine pitch presentations for their businesses for two days. These will be presented at the main conference and a winner selected by a panel of judges. Funding and mentoring opportunities will be made available to the top three contenders.

And finally the hackathon, which Twaweza is supporting, seeks to design a feedback interface for public institutions. The idea is to design and develop a digital version of the ubiquitous suggestion boxes we see across the country. The interface should also have some basic analytical capabilities so it is streamlined for both users and staff of government institutions to use. We are excited to see the results. And Twaweza will be taking the concept of the interface to interested parties within government to see if it can actually be trialled in a real life situation. The idea is to encourage young techies to put their skills to work in the public sector.

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We will post details of the proposals from the hackathon here in the coming days

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