Twaweza Tanzania Facebook

We have become aware that there is a page on Facebook impersonating the genuine Twaweza Tanzania page. To all our stakeholders and interested parties, please be aware that Twaweza has been in operation since 2010. The genuine Twaweza Facebook page contains content going all the way back to that time.

We take with utmost seriousness the impersonation of our organization in order to spread rumours and misinformation. It is clear that this has been brought about from our release of an opinion poll. While we welcome debate and discussion on all of our research (of which there is plenty) we are disappointed to note that elements of the discussion have degenerated into deliberate attempts to discredit Twaweza as an organization, to falsely represent us and to make personal attacks on our staff members and partners.

We invite all Tanzanians to visit Twaweza’s genuine online presence (Facebook, Twitter) where we will be happy to engage in a robust, enlightening and respectful discussion.

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