Tanzania follow-up survey: Call for tenders - DEADLINE EXTENDED

UPDATE: 2 December 2014

Notice of extension of deadline for Tender for Twaweza follow-up survey

This is to notify all interested parties that the deadline for this tender has been extended to 9 December 2014, at 1600h.

If you have submitted a tender already, you may withdraw it and re-submit by the new deadline. Alternately you may send an amendment; in which case the new submission must be marked as "amendment to tender" on the physical envelope and to 

Tender documents need to be delivered in the form specified as per the details on the Twaweza webiste ( by 1600 on 9 December 2014. Twaweza reserves the right to reject any and all tenders.

Decision on winning tender will be communicated by 12 December 2014.

All other terms and conditions of the tender remain unchanged.



Tanzania follow-up survey: Call for tenders

Twaweza is seeking a competent and reliable organization that can carry out high-quality data collection for a follow-up survey, based on a re-visit to the 2,500 households included in the baseline, and re-survey of the 250 communities in which the households are located.

As part of the evaluation of Twaweza’s first strategic period (2009-2014) and in collaboration with the Amsterdam Institute of International Development (AIID), Twaweza conducted a nationally-representative survey of 2,500 households throughout Tanzania. The survey collected data on an extensive set of indicators related to citizen agency and government responsiveness particularly in the education, health and water sectors (the highlights of the findings can be found here Additional (briefer) surveys were conducted in the 250 communities where the households were located at schools and health facilities, and with leadership of the selected location/village. This survey also formed the baseline of a 4-year research project planned by Twaweza and AIID. The follow-up survey was planned for 2014, and is the subject of this RFP.

You are hereby invited to submit tenders for Twaweza Tanzania follow-up survey in accordance with this tender documentation. Tender documents need to be delivered in the form specified herein by 1600 on 2 December 2014. Twaweza reserves the right to reject any and all tenders.

For further details see the attached invitation to tender.



UPDATE: November 28, 2014

Twaweza provides the following clarifications in response to queries received regarding Twaweza Tender for “Tanzania follow-up survey”:

  1. It is acceptable to use Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing to conduct the surveys
  2. All baseline questionnaires are available from Twaweza, upon request. All will be reviewed and revised, as needed, in preparation for the follow-up. 
  3. In the community, school, and health surveys, it is not necessary to interview the same individual, but someone in the same position.
  4. Attrition rates are unknown at this point.
  5. Following data is available to trace individuals in the households: GPS code, description of house location, name of head of household, common name of head of household, phone number of main respondents, plus 2 additional/alternate phone numbers (from 2 other individuals, noting who they are)
  6. Although precise proportion are not known at the moment, it is believed that about 60% of household respondents had mobile numbers at the time of the baseline.  
  7. In tracing the household respondents, ideally the same individual would be interviewed; next best is same household. 


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