Head teachers reprimanded for exam results

In one district of Uganda, head teachers are being taken to task for their students’ poor performance in the 2011 Primary Leaving Examinations. New Vision reports that of the 121 government-funded schools in Hoima district in Western Uganda, only 23 can claim to have a student who received Division One distinction. Hoima district education officials have said they will be sending warning letters to all head teachers of schools where students did not achieve Division One marks. Where improvement is not made, head teachers could face demotion and even dismissal.

Many head teachers in the district say that despite their best efforts, some conditions are out of their control. They must contend with a shortage of teachers and poor pay for those employed, large classes, inadequate infrastructure and lack of materials.

The Uwezo 2011 learning assessment found low rates of literacy and numeracy among primary school aged children across Uganda. Read more.

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