Is the money reaching schools?

Recently Tanzania launched the second phase of Secondary Education Development Programme(2010-2015). The aim is to improve quality and relevance of secondary education. In order to achieve this, apart from training more teachers the government commits to ensure that capitation grants resources are increased, that the funds reach schools on time, and that implementation of the programme is effectively monitored. Does this happen in practice? In this policy brief, Twaweza, Hakielimu and Policy Forum highlight some of the issues that have been observed in the first few months of SEDP II implementation.

It shows that:

  • Although the government committed to transfer TZS 10,000 of capitation grant money to secondary schools by end January 2011, virtually all schools did not receive money in January.
  • The money that the Treasury released to LGAs in January for transfer to LGAs averaged TZS 390 per student, which is too little to make any meaningful investment in quality.
  • Between July-December 2010, schools received on average about TZS 2,087 shillings per student.
  • There is little evidence that the education system is well prepared to ensure full and timely delivery and effective monitoring of capitation grant resources, jeopardizing quality.

Ultimately, the brief recommends that relevant authorities need to look into why this is the case; to address the issues accordingly; and to be more transparent about transfers at LGAs level.

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Authors: HakiElimu



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