Minibuzz series: Towards the referendum

Twaweza partners with MIATV for the production and broadcast of the Minibuzz TV series. This is a Monday to Friday talk show in a public bus, 'Minibuzz', that turns citizens' commute to work into a lively debate around a specific topic.

Most topics that Twaweza and MIA TV worked to produce are based on issues raised by Twaweza's flagship mobile phone panel survey, Sauti za Wananchi.

In this particular episode, 6 men, 3 women and 1 boy got on board to talk about their views on the proposed new constitution.

Citizens feel that they are not involved enough in making the constitution; by claiming that the system does not allow them to participate enough. Some of them have never seen the proposed new constitution and know nothing about it's content. One of the women in the bus explained that the way her life is set, like most Tanzanians, she does not find a minute to spare from her busy day to go around and search for the constitution. This means that her opinion about it will not be valid; and either way, she feels like it won't matter. 

The show was based on Towards the referendum: Tanzanians’ views on the proposed draft of the constitution.

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