Do people watch Minibuzz?

Minibuzz TV (formerly known as Daladala TV) takes a minibus refitted as a mobile studio and transports passengers along commuter routes. Every day a different issue is up for debate and discussion. The mobile studio creates a daily talk-show out of the discussions during the commute. During the show, people voice opinions, discuss problems and find solutions.  Twaweza has partnered with this innovative program from its conception in Tanzania, to support their operations and, following its success, to expand the project to Uganda and Kenya.

To see if Tanzanians really are watching Minibuzz and why, we worked with Ipsos Synovate to assess the reach of the show and people’s reasons for tuning in.

Here’s what we found:

A quarter of Tanzanians (26%) watch the show once a week.

Of those, most watch it to get information on current topics (30%) and to hear the views of ordinary citizens (28%).

More than half of the viewers watch the show on Star TV, another Twaweza partner.

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