Minibuzz series: Do they know?

Twaweza partners with MIATV for the production and broadcast of the Minibuzz TV series. This is a Monday to Friday talk show in a public bus, 'Minibuzz', that turns citizens' commute to work into a lively debate around a specific topic.

Most topics that Twaweza and MIA TV worked to produce are based on issues raised by Twaweza flagship mobile phone panel survey, Sauti za Wananchi.

In this particular episode, 11 men and 2 women got on board to discuss the factors they consider while deciding who to vote for.

Generally most of them feel like the policies really do not matter because most politicians do not live up to their word, most of them change completely after they win. Therefore to them, what matters most is the sincerity of the candidate and how well they know and trust the candidate.

The show was based on Do they know?: Data on voter knowledge

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