Monitoring Brief: Who’s watching, listening and reading in Uganda?

Twaweza engages extensively with the media in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We work with major media outlets to better inform their programming with better data and analysis, and with key content producers to enhance creativity and citizen voice. Using popular culture and unique media programs to influence self-efficacy, awareness, perceptions and a range of other determinants to action is one of the ways Twaweza has engages particularly with young people.

In early 2014, Twaweza conducted a survey on young Ugandans, aged 15 – 35 years, to understand their media consumption patterns and the reach (coverage) of a number of its programs. The report gives a picture of TV viewership, Internet usage, radio listenership and newspaper readership.  Also, the report sheds light on the perception on comedy shows and a resonance of each of the three media shows Twaweza supported in Uganda in 2014: Minibuzz, The Bobi Wine Show and the Rock Point Radio Show.  

To find out more, read the attached monitoring brief.

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Authors: Ruth Carlitz



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