Uwazi staff are encouraged to write op-eds. Below is a selection of contributions made by Uwazi staff members, interns and associates.

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Does the new pensions law help workers?

The commentary, 'Did SSRA Act in workers' best interest?' published in The Citizen on 5 August 2012 was written by Uwazi Senior Analyst Rose Aiko and the Centre for Economic Prosperity's Executive Director Thomas Maqway. This article represents their personal views.

Uwazi weighs in on 2012/13 TZ budget

Politicians, economists, academics and business people had much to say after the release of Tanzania's 2012/2013 budget on June 14. Rose Aiko, Senior Analyst with Uwazi at Twaweza, told The Citizen newspaper that this year's budget is smaller than last year's, when inflation is taken into account, and predicts a tough year ahead for the country.

Does more money for education mean quality education?

Commentary in the Citizen of 12 June,2010 by Rose Aiko.

Does Tanzania employ wrong model of graft?

Op-ed in the Citizen of 12 June, 2010 by Rose Aiko.

Should our leaders keep us poor and tidy?

Op-ed in the Citizen of 01 June 2010 by Gloria Twiga.

Can REDET poll claims be trusted?

Op-ed by Hans Hoogeveen and Tim Harris in Raia Mwema 02 June 2010.

Spending more than we earn; knowing less than we did: the Budget in Tanzania

Op-ed by Rose Aiko published in The Citizen 16 March 2010.
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7 Articles
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