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A new booklet series on young citizen heroes

Twaweza and Tamasha have published a series of five popular booklets showing young people taking action and making change happen.

Discussing public services one SMS at a time

Mobile phones are a popular communication medium for East Africans. However, how effective are they in delivering public service information to the right place and at the right time? Can SMS help citizens find out more or report their situation to public service providers?

Dhamira: Uncle Kochikochi Radio Satire

In Kenya, the hilarious political satire XYZ (Facebook) is arguably one of the most popular TV shows in the country, watched by millions of citizens. Tanzania has few satire offerings in media, particularly on radio. Enter Uncle Kochikochi by Dhamira (blog), a new experimental radio satire born out of the same people who created XYZ and the popular cartoonist Gado.

Religious organizations: helping citizens ensure ethics and accountability

Religious institutions area among the best organized, with an ability to motivate and engender a high degree of loyalty among its members. Twaweza seeks to identify the common grounds between its values and that of religious organizations, and to craft creative partnerships that pursue common interests. Often these focus on ethical issues and well-being of the poor, such as equitable use of public funds, combating corruption, ethical behavior among leaders and service providers, and promotion of human dignity. In its approach, Twaweza takes care to engage with both Islamic and Christian bodies.

Tamasha: Young people checking if governments and services works for them

Though young people aged 10-29 years constitute a large portion of the population in East Africa, their perspective is often absent in mainstream discourse. In 2010 Twaweza supported the youth focused organization Tamasha to undertake in depth monitoring in 32 communities in 8 districts in Tanzania.

Masoko: Engaging citizens through experiential marketing

Twaweza partnered with Masoko, a leading 'experiential' marketing company, to distribute popular materials and show films across about a third of Tanzania. Masoko, at their initiative, distributed Twaweza materials free of charge by piggybacking them on marketing visits they were doing for commercial companies, using specially designed trucks with platforms for staging shows and showing films. The Masoko facilitators then engage audiences of between 800-2000 at a time with entertainment and discussion of the issues raised in the materials, with a staff person assigned to record feedback. At the end of the year, Masoko also arranged to distribute the Twaweza/Uwezo calendars to thousands passengers traveling from Dar es Salaam to upcountry for the new-year holidays. Distribution and feedback was monitored and photographs taken. Through these approaches, materials reached rural audiences that usually do not have access to newspapers, libraries or other print materials. About 1.2 million people were reached in this way.

Forty million notebooks reaching everywhere

How do you reach about 10 million children all across the country, include remote, rural villages, efficiently, reliably and at very low cost? At Twaweza we started by asking what already reaches 10 million children, and is valued and treasured by them, so that we could explore the possibilities of piggybacking onto that thing. We found the answer was 'exercise books', simple, relatively inexpensive notebooks that are sold everywhere, and that most pupils own at least a few. Adapting an idea that was developed at HakiElimu, Twaweza sought to use the normally blank inside cover pages to provide tools for children and their parents to boost learning.
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