Education RCT: Request for data collection proposals

This RFP is now closed. Applicants will be informed of decisions by end of business on 14 December 2012

Overall student-learning levels remain extremely low across East Africa, despite a decade plus of major reforms and significant new investments in public education. Two main approaches used by governments to improve the quality of education are to strengthen teacher training and to disburse capitation grants for books and related activities to schools.

Twaweza seeks to conduct two separate interventions to improve the channeling of resources to public primary schools for quality improvement and the restricting of incentives to improve learning outcomes.  In order to rigorously test and understand the effects of these interventions, Twaweza is partnering with the academic Affiliates of the Abdul Latif Jameel – Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), a research center based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The intervention is being planned in consultation with COSTECH, other government ministries, think tanks and donors.

The J-PAL research team has designed a randomized control trial (RCT) experimental design to rigorously evaluate the proposed Twaweza interventions. To do so, schools chosen to participate in the study will be randomly allocated to one of four study groups to ensure methodological rigor in isolating causal drivers and attributing impact between them. The first phase of the study design entails a baseline survey that is to be carried out early 2013. Two rounds of monitoring visits will take place at different times during the school year to collect data on activities within the schools.  Finally, there will be an endline survey in late 2013 to capture any behavior changes at the schools.

Given the scope of the Twaweza program for the two interventions, J-PAL has determined a study sample size of 400 public primary schools across 10 districts in Tanzania. Data will be collected from randomly selected students from Standard 1, 2 and 3 from each school – as well as from some of their respective households.  School level data will also be collected from Teachers and School-teachers.

Twaweza is looking for competent and reputable organizations to implement data collection for this study. Click on this link for the full Request for Proposals. For detailed annexes contact emails in the request for proposals. Expressions of interest with full technical and financial proposal should be received by Twaweza by the close of business on Saturday 8 December 2012, 8am.

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