Request for Proposals to study the state of debate on Education in Kenya

Twaweza communications team has been working to design appropriate strategy including mass communication mechanisms that would spur discussion and debate and raise key players’ awareness of learning outcomes so that they can prioritise them as an important benchmark for assessing the performance of the Kenyan education system.

The strategy includes production of communication materials which will be distributed during assessment, involvement of media, regional launches, district partners and government officials to generate awareness of learning outcomes among key actors and to ensure learning outcomes are a policy priority.

While some of these processes have begun in 20 pilot districts across Kenya, it has become important to in these early stages to understand the current status of communication about education.

Thus, the purpose of this consultancy assignment is to explore the state of buzz (debate/communication) about education among selected key actors in a sample of 10 Uwezo participating districts. More specifically, the assignment involving conducting qualitative research in the following areas:

  • Identify and describe key sources of information among key education policy makers and influencers in the sampled districts (Gatundu, Kakamega East, Kuria East, Loitotok, Marsabit, Teso South, Turkana South, Mbere, Trans Nzoia West and Mwala)
  • Examine the status and place of education in the public discourse in the sampled districts
  • Investigate the extent to which the education agenda feature in the key decision making processes.
  • Investigate the level of awareness of key players about learning assessments and Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment in particular.
  • Examine the extent to which learning outcomes are prioritised and form a part of the education agenda and public debate in the sampled districts.
  • Explore key players’ understanding of their role and support in improving children’s learning outcomes.
  • Investigate resource allocation/expenditure on education generally and on learning outcomes specifically.
  • Examine key players’ perspectives regarding challenges associated with promoting learning outcomes in their respective districts.

Further details are contained in the attached Request for Proposals.

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