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Sauti za Wananchi's policy brief Form Four Examination Results: Citizens report on the learning crisis in Tanzania spurred debate in the print media in Tanzania.

The East African regional newspaper featured the research on its front page, highlighting poor performance on children of all ages in the Uwezo test among other things.

The Citizen featured the story on page two that highlighted all the main findings of the research. "The students' learning assessment, included in the Sauti za Wananchi findings, further indicated that Mathematics and English competence levels were disturbingly low, confirming the national examination results." This supports Twaweza's position that it is these failures in the mastery of basic skills from primary level that are the foundation for the poor secondary school results.

The government-owned Daily News also featured the findings from the brief. Here the focus was understandably on the issues around teachers (quality and motivation) rather than the responsibility of the government while the research itself highlighted both as key issues according to a majority of citizens. "... parents largely focused on teachers and various associated issues as primary reasons for the recent failures."

And finally Nipashe newspaper also presented a range of findings closing with "improving accountability, efficiency and morale of teachers are key to tackling the education challenges in our country."

Interestingly for Twaweza, the brief and its findings were less well covered by broadcast media despite the currency and relevance of the topic. Moving forward we will need to find new ways of ensuring that the value of Sauti za Wananchi in providing current, reliable views from citizens is taken on by more media.

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