What’s going on in our schools? Citizens’ views on recent developments in education

Kenyans appear to be well informed about changes occurring in the education sector. Half (52%) say they have heard of changes in the education sector. In the last several months there have been a number of announcements made about education – ranging from presentations on the curriculum reform process so far to student unrest as a result of a ban on leisure activities and visits during the third term when students are sitting for examinations.

These findings were released by Twaweza, in a research brief titled What’s going on in our schools? Citizens’ views on recent developments in education. The findings are based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative high-frequency mobile phone survey. The findings are based on data collected from 1,783 respondents across Kenya in June and July 2016.

When asked to name specific changesin the education sector, most answersrelate to curriculum changes. Of those who said they are informed about changes, 4 out of 10 (41%) mention curriculum reforms. A further 26% are aware of the recent ban on leisure activities (such as prayer days, half-term, sports, prizegiving events) and visits. Far fewer Kenyans are informed about the Ministry of Education centrally procuring text books (8%) or the announcement that students will not be allowed to enter schools before 7.15am (6%). However it is noteworthy that 30% of the responses given to this question were incorrect, meaning that some Kenyans who claimed to be informed actually are not. 

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