My Teachers, My Heroes | Celebrating Teachers' Day 2017

I remember I was about six years

I had mixed feelings

Excitement and fears

My mother took me to Mvuleni pre-school

I met Mr. Jela, the only teacher in the school,


My mother said “good bye” and left hurrying

I was terrified, felt lonely and started crying

I still remember that day than any other

The teacher I met was a complete stranger


My heart pumped strongly within me

some older children started bullying me

Other children laughed and called me a fool

All my hope vanished and I ran away from school.

My mother took me back to school.

Again, I met Teacher Jela, humble and cool,

His teaching, and caring, to me was encouragement,  

I loved school and ability to read was my excitement,


In Primary school, my teachers I remember

You made us behave, learn, and remember

Madame Eva Swai, and others made us excel in lessons

I am sad some of you are gone! God, in peace rest our heroes,


In Secondary school, fresh are my memories,

Madame Itanisa, Sir Haraba, and others,

You taught us in class and gave space to play

My Teachers, I adore you, it is from you that I am today.


In High school, teachers provoked me to do more,

With Teachers in class, challenges were no more

You shaped me, and I graduated with high grades,

It was sad to part, and I left with tear-shading eyes

All these I am were because of my teachers

Your contribution in my life, forever remains

I would have been lost in this rough world

But, my Heroes, you led me to prosperous world!


On behalf of all students, I say - Thank YOU!

Government, Parents, students, Communities

Let us all appreciate our Teachers,

The Special Heroes in our life!

Poem By: Zaida Mgalla, Manager Uwezo Tanzania.

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