Twaweza in the News 2016

Media monitoring is an essential component of tracking our own resonance in the media, as well as monitoring of public discourse in the areas of governance and education. In this brief we present mostly quantitative summaries of how our own communication products feature in the media. This is linked to one of our key intermediate outcomes – that of infusing public dialogue with evidence and rigorous data.  

We rely on media monitoring services provided by an independent media monitoring company (Ipsos), whom we have given a list of key words that guide their search and logging. We also supplement it with our own internal Google alert system which captures online coverage, tracking mentions of traditional media coverage on social media, and references from staff.

In this brief we present media monitoring data for Twaweza in 2016, and in comparison to 2015. Here are the key highlights: 

  • Across our three countries, Twaweza presence in the media increased by 33% in 2016 (886 citations as compared to 664 citations in 2015).
  • Unlike previous years when Twaweza presence in the media was strongest in Tanzania, in 2016 Kenya registered the highest coverage in 2016, surpassing Tanzania by about 65%.
  • While Uganda has still registered the lowest coverage among the three countries, Twaweza media presence in Uganda also increased to stand at 104 times as compared to 42 times in 2015.
  • The most popular Twaweza citations are around the Sauti za Wananchi poll and research launches, followed by Uwezo report launches. There was also significant coverage around ‘stand-alone’ topics in education, open governance and international days across the three countries.
  • As in previous years, most coverage in Tanzania has been through print media, while in Kenya and Uganda most coverage is via radio and television.

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