Twaweza in the News 2017

Twaweza data - particularly from our key programs: Uwezo, Sauti za Wananchi, Kiufunza - generate a lot of news and amplify national conversation on public services, freedom of information and government accountability through evidence.  We work closely with various media houses to ensure that citizens’ voices are heard and our data and stories reach our target audience. 

We track both our own resonance in the media and general coverage of our education and governance themes to monitor public discourse in these areas. Media monitoring is an essential component of our work because we are able to track our own resonance and impact on public debate as well as the state of national conversations on key issues in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

In this brief, we present media monitoring data for Twaweza in 2017. 

Sources of media monitoring Information

The three countries rely mainly on media monitoring services provided by an independent media monitoring company (Ipsos Synovate), whom we have given a list of keywords that guide their search and logging. We supplement this with our own internal Google Alert system which captures online coverage and references from staff. 

Key highlights:

  • Across our three countries, Twaweza presence in the media decreased by 4% in 2017 (850 as compared to 886 citations in 2016).
  • Kenya registered the highest drop in coverage by 48% in 2017. (263 citations compared to 511 in 2016)
  • Most citations are around Sauti Za Wananchi and Uwezo, particularly the launches. There are also citations centred on our involvement in national events and standalone activities.
  • As in previous years, most coverage across our three countries has been through print, radio, TV and online. Online platforms are increasingly covering Twaweza news

In comparison to the coverage of the same period in 2016, Twaweza Tanzania and Uganda coverage increased by 42% (From 308 citations in 2016 to 440 in 2017) and 41% (from 104 in 2016 to 147 in 2017) respectively, while Twaweza Kenya coverage decreased by 48% (from 511 in 2016 to 263 in 2017).

The increase in coverage in Tanzania resulted from multiple Twaweza staff engagements with the media, Sauti za Wananchi, Uwezo, KiuFunza and various events that were directly organized by Twaweza. The coverage increase in Uganda was as a result of multiple national education events as well as the launch Sauti za Wananchi. Lastly, the decrease of coverage in Kenya was as a result of the decrease in Uwezo engagements.

Across the three countries, radio remains the main platform on which Twaweza is covered the most. 

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