Uganda: Who will change your world in 2012?

‘Ni Sisi’, means ‘It is us!” in Swahili. It is us who can make change happen. Working across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, we promote the message that ordinary citizens can bring development to their communities and families, rather than wait for Members of Parliament, football stars, musicians, royalty, or Presidents of other countries to come to the rescue. Our 2012 calendar showcases a group of individuals that Ugandans and people around the world may consider ‘role models’ and ‘change makers’. People can hang the calendar on the wall in their house and paste their picture next to the images of their role models and heroes: Will you take action today? We believe that ordinary citizens themselves, and not superstars, will improve their lives. The responsibility and initiative is with all of us.

View the Twaweza Uganda calendar.

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