Update on the 19th Bunge session

In February 2010, Uwazi produced a brief entitled Do they work for us?  which presented facts about MP participation in the sessions of the Bunge from 2005 to 2009. This update covers the 19th parliamentary session, which took place from the 13th, to the 23rd of April 2010.

This update presents seven facts analyzed from information retrieved from the public Parliamentary On-line Information System (POLIS) of the Tanzania Parliament Website as found in June 2010.

It is found that in session 19 MPs were less active than during the previous 18 sessions. As in the previous note it also finds that opposition members are more active than ruling party members and that female MPs are less active than male MPs. The note identifies 94 MPs who did not make any intervention during session 19. Zitto Zuberi Kabwe as found to be the most active MP during the 19th session followed by John Momose Cheyo and Jenista Joakim Mhagama.

Since the last parliamentary elections in 2005, Jenista Mhagama has been the most active MP in the Bunge, followed by hon. Ndugai  and Hon. Dr. Slaa. With zero basic questions, supplementary questions or contributions Rostam Aziz of CCM is the least performing MP. He is the only MP without any interventions in the Bunge since 2005.

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Authors: Uwazi



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