Uwezo at the CIES Conference in San Francisco

The 63rd Annual Comparative and International Education Society conference kicks off today in San Francisco, US to interact with a diverse and extensive network of education scholars and stakeholders globally. The conference is organized around the theme of "Education for Sustainability".

The 2019 theme connects the CIES with a reconsideration of human progress – by scholars, governments, corporations, international agencies, and civil society at the grassroots level to answer the burning questions like what is the longer term cost of an education that promises – and sometimes delivers – productivity, industrialization, modernity and consumption? Who pays this price? What are the larger costs? And with what ultimate consequence for the planet?

Uwezo at Twaweza will participate in this conference to share our experience in education in East Africa and our thoughts on education for sustainability.

Uwezo will be presenting two papers including Incorporating Facilitated Advocacy into Uwezo Citizen-led Assessment of Child Learning in Uganda, which will be presented on 17 April 2019 and Scaling-up Early Grade Reading Assessment through Civil Society Organisations: The case of Uwezo in East Africa, to be presented on 18 April 2019.

Uwezo will also participate in different other meetings including a UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) meeting led by University of Bath and involving other researchers from the UK, the US, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uganda for a grant proposal titled Perspectives on Education, Aspirations and Refugees' Livelihoods (PEARL): An International Comparative Study using a Mixed Methods Approach.

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