Media coverage of launch of Uwezo Annual Learning Assessment for 2013

Twaweza launched a report last week on learning outcomes across East Africa - the latest data and findings from the Uwezo initiative, based on data collected in 2013. 

The report prompted much media coverage across the region. Links are provided where the articles / broadcasts are available online.

East African Legislative Assembly (EALA)

The EALA released a press statement on May 25, 2015, expressing alarm at Uwezo findings and calling for standards of education across the region to be raised:

Hon Judith Pareno regretted that poverty was a major factor to poor education. “…rather than bridging the gaps, Uwezo results show that through our education, the poorer we are, the poorer we become. What then, if not education, will the poor hold onto? Does it mean that all the poor must move into the cities for their children to learn?” She noted that the debate needs to be sustained.

Hon. Abubakar Zein said the region needed to rid itself of discrimination in education especially when it comes to women and children from poor family. Hon. Hafsa Mossi talked about the importance of education and worried over the inability of graduates to express themselves. She noted that the number of girls dropping off from school because of pregnancy and marriage was a big problem in the region.

The region was challenged to improve the quality of education. “Why are the education standards in Europe and other western countries better than ours? is it that Africans do not have good teachers and good schools or what we are lacking?” pondered Hon Leonce Ndarubagiye.  He remarked that bad performance in many schools in the continent was also as a result of corruption, poverty and lack of motivation in the education sector.



In Uganda, much of the media coverage linked to the demand for a payrise and threat of a strike by the teachers' union, UNATU. The Ministry of Education issued a statement on the teachers’ strike (shared online by New Vision), which made reference to Uwezo findings. 


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