Uwezo Kenya | Annual Learning Assessment Launch

Uwezo Kenya launched the results of the 2012 Annual Learning Assessment on 24 July in Nairobi. The assessment continues to find low levels of literacy and numeracy among children aged 6 to 16. However the new political dispensation in Kenya provides an unprecedented opportunity to ensure that schooling translates into learning.

You can read the full report and summary of findings here.

The launch was attended by members of the media, education stakeholders and Uwezo partners. One of the highlights was a presentation from three Class 8 children from Kangundo DEB Primary School. The children articulated the challenges of learning and what could help them learn.

The guest of honour was Mugo Kibati, Director of Vision 2030 who provided a passionate reminder on why the challenge to quality education was a challenge for the future of Kenya.

His address was followed by a panel discussion on a range of issues including gender and education, the roles and responsibilities of teachers and the potential for the new county structure to improve learning outcomes.

A number of Uwezo partners also presented their own interpretations of the Uwezo message which will also be used in ongoing communicaiton activities. Participants were treated to a song, a poem and a short play.

Read more about the launch.

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