Uwezo to launch 2012 East Africa Report


Uwezo will launch its 2012 East Africa report on August 14th at the Kenya Institute of Education in Nairobi. The Minister of State for the Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands, Hon. Mohammed Ibrahim Elmi, will launch the report.

Uwezo is the largest annual data collection effort in education on the continent, and the only annual source of information regarding numeracy and literacy levels of elementary school-aged children. Household based assessments are done in all 158, 133, and 80 (census) districts in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda respectively. Since inception in 2009, Uwezo has reached a total of 150,000 households, testing more than 350,000 children in basic literacy and numeracy skills. Uwezo has just completed its third year of annual assessments, covering 30 villages per district, 20 households per village and 1 school per village in every district of each of the three countries.

The 2011 assessment found that the majority of students in Standard 3 were unable to complete the Uwezo tests at the Standard 2 level. In Kenya and Uganda, pupils who reached Standard 7 were nearly universally competent at the Standard 2 level; in Tanzania only 50-80 percent were. The 2012 assessment results will reveal if there has been a change in students’ capabilities.

Beyond releasing the 2012 results, the launch will highlight interventions and solutions individuals and organizations are pursuing to improve learning, particularly in the early grades. A Ministry of Education Officer will talk about the inspiring work he is engaged in, expanding access to school and ensuring that children are learning in Northern Kenya. The Aga Khan Foundation will share stories from their ‘Reading to Learn’ program that is being implemented in Kenya and Uganda and soon to be rolled out in Tanzania. The program attempts to improve teachers’ pedagogy skills by offering continuous on-the-job training. Ugandan NGO Mango Tree will also share their insights on using indigenous language and resources to improve children’s learning.

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