Mobilising the arts sector against Covid-19

To support Covid-19 awareness and prevention, Twaweza Uganda has teamed up with popular comedy outfit, Fun Factory to release a song. 

Titled Yambala Mask which loosely translates to wear your mask, the song promotes messages about protecting yourself and your loved ones against the Coronavirus. 

The song’s lyrics are in six languages - Luganda, Runyakitara, Kiswahili, Lusoga, Lingala and Luo – and encourage everyone to wear a mask so as to prevent the spread of the virus and protect their loved ones while drawing attention to the seriousness of the virus and highlighting its symptoms.

In a campaign dubbed Together against COVID, we are supporting government efforts by translating critical public health messages from the Ministry of Health into music and comedy so the messages reach the general public and stick.

This song comes as Covid-19 infections in Uganda have surged to 6,468 with over 60 deaths registered. At the same time, from observation there seems to have been a drop in protective measures adopted by citizens including social distancing, wearing masks and handwashing.

In a recent survey by the Sauti za Wananchi survey on Ugandan citizens’ knowledge, attitudes and practices on matters relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still some critical misconceptions about COVID-19.

Citizens are confident in the government’s ability to handle the Coronavirus outbreak but most do not feel at risk of being exposed to the Coronavirus. They are also unsure about who is most at risk of contracting the virus. Despite the significant success in getting messaging about the virus out to citizens, we need to push even more on specific gaps in their knowledge and actions.

The fight against COVID is not over until we all come together and take responsibility for our actions. The song concludes by reminding us that nobody is superman or immune to the virus; Ugandans need to exercise their own agency to ensure we are all safe – taking self-protective actions and continuing to demand a transparent and inclusive response and recovery.


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