Your chance to run the Open Government Partnership

From April onwards there will be the opportunity for three new civil society members of the Steering Committee for the Open Government Partnership (OGP). 

This is an opportunity for civil society leaders from across the world to bring their skills, expertise and network to OGP. The process is designed to attract strong candidates from a diversity of regions and backgrounds, leading to a balanced team of civil society members on the Steering Committee that are well-positioned to continue to provide strategic and effective leadership to OGP.

The role of the OGP Steering Committee - consisting of nine representatives from government and nine from civil society - further described in the Articles of Governance - is “to develop, promote and safeguard the values, principles and interests of the OGP. It also establishes the core ideas, policies, and rules of the partnership, and oversees the functioning of the partnership.”

The new members will join OGP at a vital moment - with most fundamentals in place the task is not only to further shape OGP policies and work, but also to build strong and effective civil society participation at national level. 

Details on the OGP website

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