Making the Case for Transparency: Breakfast with UK Prime Minister Cameron

The 2013 G8 Chairman, Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron, invited six ‘champions’ of transparency to 10 Downing St on June 15, 2013 to share their work and advise him on transparency issues. On the same day, the G8 chair held an event called Open for Growth: Trade, Tax and Transparency that brought together government, civil society and the private sector to demonstrate why open government, open society and open economies are essential for jobs and sustainable development. President Kikwete of Tanzania was among the 4 African presidents at the afternoon meeting, supported by the ministers for energy and lands, who entered concrete partnerships to promote greater transparency.

Twaweza’s Head Rakesh Rajani, who also serves as the co-chair of the Open Government Partnership, participated in both of these events to try to promote a fairer deal for the developing world and to advocate for the power of open. See press release and photo.

Subsequently, Rajani and John Githongo (CEO, Inuka Kenya Trust) have written an open letter to David Cameron in the final hours before a deal is reached and a communiqué issued. The letter called for the following key measures to ensure that the developing world can also benefit from the transparency bonanza.
1. Publicly available registers of companies to cut down on the corrupt abuse of secret companies.
2. Automatic exchange of tax information to crack down on evasion and avoidance by multinational companies. Read the letter

STOP PRESS: The G8 meeting declaration can be found here. Judge for your self how much progress was made.

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