Request for Proposals | Developing a tool to assess broadcast media outputs in Uganda

Twaweza engages media partners to implement varied media outputs aligned to its Theory of Change. The Uganda program portfolio is centered on this arrangement and is currently working with about seven (7) such partners operating with diverse coverage. Each partner produces numerous outputs as part of the Twaweza agreement, and being able to independently assess the quality of these products is essential. However, Twaweza does not, at the time being, have a tool which could be systematically used to assess the quality of different media products.  

Therefore, the Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation (LME) Unit wishes to identify and engage a Ugandan media-savvy consultant to develop a comprehensive tool that can be used for quality assessments of our media outputs. Furthermore, the consultant may also be engaged to conduct the actual media quality assessments using the tool developed.

Scope of work
The LME unit will work with the media consultant to execute the following phases of the assignments:

1. Tool development and pretesting: the consultant will, in an agreed-upon period time, develop the tool, organize review and feedback of the tool, and pre-test it on a sample of Twaweza outputs. The tool ought to be based on a review of existing (Ugandan, and international) tools for assessing quality of media products (print, TV and radio), and building upon them to fit Twaweza’s needs/preferences. The consultant will be expected to liaise with Twaweza LME, Communications and Programs staff, to identify and adopt core elements of quality that are of interest to Twaweza. The consultant will also be requested to engage other relevant media actors in Uganda for input and/or review of the tool.

2. Using the tool to assess quality: consultant will use developed (and approved) tool to assess quality of our media content and provide quarterly reports; it is envisioned this would be a year-long engagement. The total number of working days for this engagement will be decided at a later stage, but it is estimated to be approximately 10 days per quarter.

Request for proposals
Interested individual consultants or firms should submit brief (5-10pages) technical and financial proposal by e-mail to:  copied to by 4:00pm on Friday 9th August 2013. Specifically the proposal must contain:
1. Expression of Interest
2. Technical proposal demonstrating competent approach  to the scope of work
3. A cost-effective financial proposal with clear components relevant to the assignment, including the number of working days estimated for the tasks.
a. Particularly related to Task 1 (under the scope of work), preference will be given to proposals which outline an innovative and dynamic way of engaging other key media actors in Uganda to provide inputs/review to the tool. 
b. Note that Twaweza will give preference to proposals which address both Tasks 1 and 2 (under the scope of work), but will be willing to consider strong proposals for only Task 1.
4. Evidence of experience and qualifications
The winning bid will be selected on the quality of the proposal, demonstration of relevant experience in doing similar work and the price quoted. Please note that proposals submitted after the target date and those that will be incomplete will not be considered.

Qualifications of the consultant:
1. Experience with analyzing/assessing media output for quality
2. Proven experience with, and understanding of, the Uganda media platform, including quality regulations
3. Ability to review media content aired in English and other local languages

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