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Did they work for us? Assessing two years of Bunge data 2010-2012, a recent brief produced by Twaweza in association with the Centre for Economic Prosperity (CEP), analyzes data, available on the Parliament website, on individual MPs’ activity during parliamentary sessions. The brief’s release encouraged some coverage in Tanzania, especially in the print media.

Daily News, run by the government, reported, “according to the survey, excluding the lesser political parties with less than five per cent representation in the National Assembly, Chadema is the most active, followed by CUF and CCM.”

The Citizen featured an article full of statistical data gathered from the study on its front page. It also mentioned the assessment’s finding that the “Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) and NCCR-Mageuzi – with only one and five MPs each, respectively – had more interventions than other parties.”

Mwananchi, The Citizen's sister paper, also covered the story, focusing on the fact that smalelr parties are more active in Parliament, Kumbe vyama vidogo vinawajibika zaidi bungeni?

A significant number of TV and radio stations attended the launch although the coverage is not currently available online. These included East Africa TV and Radio, Upendo FM, Wapo Radio, Tumaini TV, Capital TV, Sunrise Radio, Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TV and Radio and BBC World, as well as Twaweza partners Star TV and Mlimani TV.


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