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Young Tanzanian developers open up education data

Following the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in London, with the participation of, among others, President Jakaya Kikwete, a group of young Tanzanian developers is releasing their work to showcase the value of open data. The website collected data on Form 4 examination results since 2004 and presents the data through a range of easy to navigate and use visualisations.

In the context of Tanzania’s commitment to the Open Government Partnership, this site provides a clear illustration of the benefits of open data. When citizens are allowed to participate directly in the business of government, through access to data and information, innovation abounds. As Tanzania moves into the next phase of making government open, the site highlights a new partnership model for conducting the business of government, which lies at the heart of the Open Government Partnership.

Please visit the site at is a living site currently released in Beta or trial version. Feedback about the site is welcome from all parties, particularly media at

The website was developed by Arnold Minde and a team of Tanzanian developers, and supported by Twaweza.

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