Do public officials listen to the voices of citizens?

Sauti za Wananchi (SzW) is a mobile phone based panel survey which regularly collects information among a nationally representative sample of Tanzanian citizens. The data are presented in a monthly SzW brief, which is launched in a stakeholder and media event.

In December 2013-January 2014, we conducted a qualitative monitoring exercise among a sample of key public figures and decision-makers to investigate the recall and engagement with the findings of Sauti za Wananchi. This new monitoring brief presents evidence from this exercise. 

Overall, respondents recalled mostly two particular briefs (Form Four results, and SIM card tax). There was a general satisfaction with the format of the briefs, as well as an appreciation for the timeliness of the topics covered. Respondents who were members of parliament noted that the information presented in the briefs is quite useful to them, while it was seen as somewhat less useful among respondents from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Most active use was reported by respondents from the media sector, who described the briefs being used as supporting material and evidence by TV and radio presenters, as well as by participants in broadcast debates and talk shows. 

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Editors: Rakesh Rajani



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