Transparency & Accountability Initiative Announces New Research Opportunity

The Transparency and Accountability Initia​tive (T/AI) has announced a new research opportunity exploring the contribution of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to responsive and accountable governance. The OGP is a global initiative that aims to support action in member countries to pursue more transparent, accountable, and responsive governance. With its rapid expansion to over 60 countries and an increasing global profile, now is an opportune moment to engage in an exploration of the OGP’s dynamics and effects on the ground.

The primary purpose of the research is to inform pro-reform actors seeking more responsive and accountable governance about when they can pursue these aims through the mechanism of the OGP, and how they can most effectively do so. The main research question that proposals should address is: when and how are pro-reform actors able to leverage OGP — its processes, spaces, and resources — to pursue improved government responsiveness and accountability?

Concept papers are due 27 October 2014. Visit the T/AI website for more information.

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