Our safety? Citizens' views on security and justice

Three out of ten citizens (30%) have experienced theft in the last year. Overall half of Tanzanians have ever had something stolen from them.

A majority of citizens (84%) also believe that it is likely that they will be affected by gangs similar to Panya Road in Dar es Salaam. In January 2015, Panya Road created concern with incidents of violence, extensive social media commentary and, eventually, hundreds of arrests. Six out of ten citizens (60%) at the national level have heard of Panya Road but almost to nine out of ten (87%) say there are no gangs like this in their communities.

Two out of ten citizens (18%), report that they witnessed violence during the local government elections in December 2014.

These findings were released by Twaweza in a research brief titled Our safety? Citizens’ views on security and justice. The brief is based on data from Sauti za Wananchi, Africa’s first nationally representative high-frequency mobile phone survey. The findings are based on data collected from 1,401 respondents across Mainland Tanzania (Zanzibar is not covered in these results) in February and March 2015. It is important to note that polling covered a representative sample of all citizens in Mainland Tanzania.

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Authors: Angela Ambroz



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