Minibuzz series: Guardians of accountability

Twaweza partners with MIATV for the production and broadcast of the Minibuzz TV series. This is a Monday to Friday talk show in a public bus, 'Minibuzz', that turns citizens' communte to work into a lively debate around a sepcific topic.

Most topics that Twaweza and MIA TV worked to produce are based on issues raised by Twaweza flagship mobile phone panel survey, Sauti za Wananchi.

We will be bringing you all the episodes produced during this partnership, each week covering a different topic.

In this particular episode, 7 men and 1 woman got on board to discuss institutions of accountaibility, who is keeping an eye on government use of funds.

Passengers were largely aware of the critical institutions in this field, including the relevant parliamentary committees and the auditor's office. There was a strong sense that it was critical for citizens to know what these institutions are doing because public funds are citizens' money. So they wanted to be able to keep track of it.

This show was based on Guardians of Accountability: Citizen knowledge and opinions regarding oversight bodies

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