Twaweza in the news: Political Parties Bill

Twaweza, together with other civil society organisations worked to challenge the proposed amendments to the Political Parties Act and on 17 January, we presented our views on the amendments to the Parliamentary Committee for Legal and Constitutional Affairs. (You can read it here)

With the aim of raising awareness among other MPs, fellow civil society organisations, media and the general public, we had a press conference on 25 January and invited a number of media and other stakeholders to present our statement and views on the amendments.

This gained wide coverage from the media, as below:

Most media reported the fact that Twaweza, with other civil society organisations are challenging the fact that the amendments grant sweeping discretionary powers to the Registrar and that the amendments criminalise or regulate legitimate political activities and expressions.

This press conference was organised by Legal and Human Rights CentreTanganyika Law Society, Centre for Strategic Litigation, the Media Council of Tanzania, Waandishi wa Habari za Maendeleo Zanzibar and Twaweza

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