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2020 Annual Plan

The year 2020 marks the second of the current strategy. We plan to intensify the pace for deeper engagement and impact in each of our three missions:

  • Mission 01: Demonstrating citizen agency in addressing their systemic problems
  • Mission 02: Amplifying citizens’ voices to ensure that they are taken seriously in decision making
  • Mission 03: Promoting and protecting open civic space

For each of the three mission areas above, we reiterate the intended strategy outcomes and provide descriptions of planned activities and estimated budgets in a detailed annex. Under each mission area, we describe planned activities divided into three main activity types:

  • Content creation activities which form the substance of our interventions
  • Content engagement activities that amplify and influence wider norms and actions
  • Content quality assurance and learning activities that sharpen our thinking and action

We also present planned activities under our Learning and Strategy Unit (including KiuFunza III as a formative research) and Governance and Management (including operations and finance).

Collectively our three strategic mission areas aim to address two connected problems: a) limited citizen agency and b) deteriorating basic conditions for meaningful citizen participation including the freedoms of expression, association and assembly. We are guided by a spectrum of mutually reinforcing actions on the part of government to invite and engage with citizen feedback and a complementary spectrum of citizen actions. Through our work, we aim to contribute to encouraging more citizen engagement, deeper government responsiveness to citizen input, and promoting more open civic space.

We will generate timely and credible evidence to promote narratives that strengthen the role of improved citizen agency, voice and autonomy as facilitated by open civic space in bringing about equitable and sustainable development at the local and national level.

This work resonates deeply with the broad national objectives in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Our governments have embraced citizen-centered development agendas as evidenced by the adoption of various community based and participatory approaches to decision making, managing and using natural resources and planning for, provision and monitoring of basic social services such as health, water and education. Achieving these policy ideals need motivated citizens who can make use of the various opportunities for their involvement in bringing about their own development.

Our work complements government efforts to facilitate effective citizen participation in development planning, implementation and monitoring. We will work particularly closely with local government authorities to realize these outcomes.

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