Broken Promises in Primary Education

The share of the education budget that is allocated to primary and secondary education has declined in recent years. Analysis by Uwazi also suggests that besides this, schools rarely receive the resources that are transferred from the central government in full and on time. Rural and community schools suffer disproportionately from inadequacy of resources for learning which in turn affects their performance in examinations.

This analysis is contained in policy briefs that convey findings of the most recent Public Expenditure Tracking Survey of Primary and Secondary Education in mainland Tanzania. They show further that the challenge is compounded by weak oversight and limited transparency.

Uwazi analyses suggests that most of these problems could however be solved. This can be achieved by stepping up resources for basic and secondary education; by reducing bureaucracy in processing of funds; and by improving public oversight around the way public resources are utilized. Many of these steps are relatively easy to implement, and are consistent with what Government leaders has called for over many years. The real challenge is leadership that can turn words turn into actions and implementation./uploads/files/Broken Promises in Primary Education Swahili.pdf

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Authors: Twaweza



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